€ 198,00

Strands Lighting Division presents Siberia Next Level, a new member of the Siberia family. Siberia Next Level creates the next level of work lights. You get a powerful work light created to provide the same power as 4 standard 2000 lumen LED work lights. With 9200 lumens, you get an extremely strong, long, and wide beam pattern but also delivers a soft and dynamic light when you need.

Siberia Next Level provides a constant flow. The triple position light let you choose between red, amber, and white light. The LED bar can be mounted on the side, back and in the front with the brackets included. With Siberia Next Level, you save time by one work light replaces the fitting om 4 standard 2000 lumen LED work lights.

Type of LED — OSRAM
PCS LED´s — 24
Voltage (V DC) — 9-32V DC
Theoretical effect (w) 12V — 120
Theoretical effect (w) 24V — 120
Consumption (w) 12V — 75
Consumption (w) 24V — 75
Consumption specific function (w) 12V — Red position light: 0.8W Amber position light: 1.5W White position light:0.8W
Consumption specific function (w) 24V — Red position light: 0.5W Amber position light: 1.6W White position light:0.5W
Functions — Work light, triple position light: red/amber/white
Theoretical lumen — 14400